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Our engineers have the tools (and ears) to help get your musical vision across. From pre-production to the final master, get in touch to see what we can do for your music.



Don’t fix it in the mix. From singer-songwriters to full rock bands and medium sized orchestras, our 3 recording studios were built from the ground up to suit all kinds of productions and budgets. Let your creativity flow with our great selection of instruments and recording gear in a relaxed and music oriented environment.



We have mixed all kinds of records throughout the years. Using some of the best analog gear on the market (including real analog tape), and the latest digital tools on a purposely built mixing room, we can definitely get your music to the next level. Need editing or track clean-up? No problem, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the best possible mix.



We probably have the most prolific mastering engineer in the country on staff, having mastered hundreds of records for all kinds of artists. From independent labels to big majors, we've done it all! Mastering is done with world-class mastering gear and monitoring, to elevate your mixes to their absolute best. In the mastering studio, we can also digitize and restore old formats like reel-to-reel tape, cassette, DAT, etc.

Our facilities

Our 6 studio complex is located near the main train station in Porto and has easy access to the airport and highways. The 1350 square meter facility also houses production rooms and the city’s vinyl library, so it’s always thriving with creativity.

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