Studio A

A classic recording studio in the 21st Century

Studio A is the perfect tracking studio. Centered around a vintage Neve 8068, with around 155m2 of usable recording space, the tones you can get in this studio are simply out of this world.

The amazing sounding console is complemented by other flavors of preamps and signal processing from Undertone Audio, Spectra 1964, Coil Audio, Highland Dynamics, API, and others. A well thought out patchbay and ample connectivity to every recording space allows for speedy and creative tracking sessions.

The main room (with almost 100m2 and 5m ceilings) has a controlled sound with plenty of “air”. Its acoustic signature can be altered by opening or closing the door to the adjacent echo chamber. The vocal booth, which connects directly to the control room is great for recording final takes, even when laying down the bed tracks of the production. The other two booths expand the possibilities of the main room - one features a tight and detailed sound and the other, with a large wooden wall, has a special sparkle that can benefit strings, piano and other acoustic instruments.

Studio A houses a fantastic Fazioli F278 grand piano, probably the only one in the country. Playing this piano in the big room is an experience by itself, but it also fits comfortably in one of the iso booths - which can be very convenient for larger tracking sessions.

Want to record all analog? No problem, we have an amazing sounding Ampex MM1200 24-track recorder and a Studer A80 for mixdown.

Gear list

Neve 8068

32 inputs, 16 bus, 4 FX returns

Dynaudio Core 59

Dynaudio Core SUB

Yamaha NS-10

(Other monitors available upon request)

Mytek Private Q2 headphone system

Dynaudio M3 mains in the live room

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX w/ Avid Artist Mix controller

Apogee Symphony 56 I/O (up to 64 channels available upon request)

Mytek Brooklyn stereo DA for computer playback

Ampex MM1200 2 inch 24-track tape recorder

Studer A80 1/4 inch 2-track tape recorder

Neve 31102 (24)

Neve 1066 (8)

AMS-Neve 4081 (4)


Focusrite RED1

Coil Audio CA-70 (4)

Coil Audio CA-286 (2)

Ampex 351 (2)

Undertone Audio MPDI-4 (2x)

Tree Audio The Branch

Manley VoxBox

API 512c (6)

API 560 (2)

Spectra 1964 STX 100 preamp w/ STX 500 EQ (5)

Retro Instruments 2A3

GML 8200

Urei 1178

Universal Audio 1176 LN (2)

Spectra 1964 C610 Complimiter (2)

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor (2)

Highland Dynamics BG1

Retro Instruments 176

Retro Instruments STA-Level

Tube-Tech CL 1B

DBX 160 VU (2)

SSL G-Series Bus Compressor

Bricasti Design M7

Eventide Eclipse V4

Lexicon PCM42

Lexicon PCM70

AKG BX20 spring reverb

EMT 140 plate reverb

Real echo-chamber with variable ceiling

We have a very complete mic locker that can be used in all the recording studios.


Please download our microphone list and let us know if you wish to reserve specific units at the time of your booking.

Fazioli F278 grand piano (we keep this piano well tuned at all times, but we recommend asking for a retune if your session is piano-oriented).


We have a big selection of drums, keyboards, amplifiers, etc. available upon request at no extra charge. Please download our backline list and let us know what you're planning to use.

We have several bundles from DMG Audio, Sonnox, Eventide, Soundtoys, etc. Please download the gear list for more information.

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+351 221 146 783

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9:00AM to 6:00PM (GMT+0)


Rua de Pinto Bessa 122 - A12

4300-427 Porto, Portugal

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