Studio B

A recording studio with everything you need

Studio B is great for recording and mixing all kinds of music. In the heart of its control room sits a 32 channel Rupert Neve 5088. With 90V rails, this discrete Class A console with custom transformers has a very musical sound, and it’s super flexible for tracking and mixing.

Studio B has a mid sized live room, with a great sight line to the control room. The sound lock is wired for audio so it can double as an amp room for live tracking situations.

Outboard pre amplification and signal processing are available with classic and modern equipment from high-end manufacturers such as Undertone Audio, Manley, Tree Audio, Tube-Tech and others. Cue signals for the artists are handled by the Mytek PrivateQ system, which provides clean (and loud!) headphone amplification for even the most demanding drummer.

Sharing the same mic locker and backline collection of the bigger Studio A, this room offers a great bang for your buck be it in tracking, overdub or mixing sessions.

Gear list

Rupert Neve Designs 5088

32 inputs/direct outs, 8 buses, 8 aux sends, 8 FX returns

Dynaudio Core 59

Dynaudio 9S subwoofer

Yamaha NS-10M

(Other monitors available upon request)

Mytek Private Q2 headphone system

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX

Apogee Symphony 32 I/O

RME ADI-2 Pro stereo DA for computer playback

RND 5033 (4)

RND 5015 (4)

Undertone Audio MPDI-4 (2)

D.A.V. BG2

Tube-Tech MP1A

Manley VoxBox

Tree Audio The Branch

Focusrite RED 6

Focusrite RED 1

Avalon VT-737SP

Drawmer 1960

Chandler TG2

Chandler Germanium Tone Control

JDK Audio R24

elysia xfilter

RND 5015 (4)

RND Neve 5043

Standard Audio Level-Or (2)

DBX 165 A (2)

DBX 160 SL

DBX 160A

Eventide Eclipse

Lexicon PCM91

Lexicon PCM42

Yamaha SPX1000

Roland SDE1000

We have a very complete mic locker that can be used in all the recording studios.


Please download our microphone list and let us know if you wish to reserve specific units at the time of your booking.

Gustav Lehmann upright piano


We have a big selection of drums, keyboards, amplifiers, etc. available upon request at no extra charge. Please download our backline list and let us know what you're planning to use.

Urei 1176

Urei 1178 (2)

Kush Audio Tweeker

Dynacord Super 65 Tape Echo

D.A.V. BG1 2-channel tabletop preamp

Focusrite ISA 828 8 channel preamp (2)

Telefunken v376a (2)

Antelope Audio Orion HD (32 channel interface with HDX and USB connection

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