Studio C

Overdub Island

With the smaller budgets of today’s industry, it might not make financial sense to spend a month in Studio A. In fact, why pay for the big room if you’re only using a booth to do overdubs and vocals?

Studio C was designed as the answer to that problem. With a generous booth, this studio is great for all kinds of overdubs and vocal recordings. From the get go we knew that this studio should offer the exact same sound quality of the bigger rooms, just in a smaller package.

Having access to the shared mic locker of Studio A and B, and with a focus on different flavors of preamps and channel strips, Studio C has everything you need for the final tracks of your production.

The recording booth also has a video monitor for voice-over work.

Gear list

Dynaudio Core 7

(Other monitors available upon request)

Dangerous Music Monitor ST

Pro Tools

Apogee Symphony 8 I/O

Undertone Audio MPDI-4

Burl Audio BD

Burl Audio B1D

AMS-Neve 1073 DPA (2)

D.A.V. 501 (2)

D.A.V 503 (2)

D.A.V.c504 (2)

API 512c (2)

Retro Instruments 500PRE


elysia skulpter 500

Avalon VT-737SP

elysia mpressor 500

We have a big selection of drums, keyboards, amplifiers, etc. available upon request at no extra charge. Please download our backline list and let us know what you're planning to use.

We have a very complete mic locker that can be used in all the recording studios.


Please download our microphone list and let us know if you wish to reserve specific units at the time of your booking.

Urei 1176

Urei 1178 (2)

Kush Audio Tweeker

Dynacord Super 65 Tape Echo

D.A.V. BG1 2-channel tabletop preamp

Focusrite ISA 828 8 channel preamp (2)

Telefunken v376a (2)

Antelope Audio Orion HD (32 channel interface with HDX and USB connection

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