Claudio Tavares

Senior Engineer

Claudio got his start at the extinct Estúdios Sá da Bandeira. As a multi-instrumentalist he feels at home suggesting new musical ideas for the records he works in, no matter the musical genre. As a musician, he has played hundreds of shows both in and outside of Portugal.

Some artists he has worked with:

Sandy Kilpatrick, Samba Sem Fronteiras, The Weatherman, Souls of Fire, Bezegol, Beth Hirsch, Cícero, Mundo Cão, Via, Pedro Ferreira, Throes + The Shine, Master Jake, Before and After Science, The Japanese Girl, Lince, We Bless This Mess, Smartini, Killimanjaro, Can Cun, Beni Mizrahi, Orquestra Bamba Social, Tulsa, Meio Irmão, Lodge, Olavo Lupia, Big Porte, SEA, April Ivy, Vircator, Bié, The Sticks & Stones & The Broken Bones, Lado Esquerdo, Ghetthoven, Equations, Não Simão, Corvo Mudo...