Joao Brandao

Chief Engineer

Joao is the founder of Arda Recorders. As a producer, recording and mixing engineer he has worked with an eclectic bunch of artists, from all kinds of musical genres. His passion for analog recording and willingness to try all sorts of crazy stuff in the studio while focusing on maintaining an organic but characterful approach to engineering make him one of the most charismatic engineers in Portugal.

Some artists he has worked with:

Glockenwise, The Last Internationale, Lonnie Holley, Black Bombaim, Capicua, Tributo Carlos Paião, Tiago Nacarato, Throes + The Shine, Best Youth, Filho da Mãe, Bear Bug, Miguel Araújo, Killimanjaro, Marta Ren, We Trust, GAEREA, Dealema, Little Friend, Orquestra Bamba Social, Classe Crua, Peter Brotzmann, Sunflowers, Marinho, Memória de Peixe, The Mean Devils, Monday, Cave Story, David Fonseca, The Lemon Lovers, Lululemon, Grand Pulsar, Jibóia, Jos Eckert, Mourah, Névoa, Mother Abyss, Botswana, Aspen, Disorder Orchestra, Equations, O Bisonte, Evols, The Walks...